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Our monthly GSSF Practice  match  is the 4th Saturday of each month. It is set up and run just like an outdoor Glock match and will have three divisions, Stock, Unlimited and Limited Capacity. The major difference is you can shoot any center fire pistol you want, as this IS NOT a GSSF sanctioned event. This will be an opportunity to practice for GSSF matches, or just shoot for fun. You will shoot 3 strings on the 5 to Glock and the M and 4 strings on the plate rack. It will take about 100 rounds for each division you shoot. All of the rules that apply to a GSSF match will apply here.
Entry fee is $10 for members and $15 for non members per division. 

Steel Challenge


  Our monthly Steel Challenge is the second Saturday of each month.  Registration opens at 9 am and the Safety Briefing and match will start at 10 am. Entry fee is only $10 for members and $15 for non members.
We will have 5 stages set up so you will need around 150 rounds of ammo.
The Steel Challenge is sponsored by Big Cheese Pizza and Trofense Ammunition. The top shooter in each division will win a FREE large Pizza! There must be at least 5 shooters in the division to be eligible for a pizza. The top Stock Center Fire and Rim Fire shooter on the Roundabout stage will each receive 50 rounds of 9mm ammunition

Run & Gun Pistol


 Trigger Guard Run & Gun pistol match. It is designed for the shooter of any skill level. It has simple stages that can be shot with stock over the counter equipment. The intent is to create a match that is fun to shoot for everyone. There are two (2) divisions, Stock and Custom. The match must be completed in same division throughout all the stages.
There will be 4 stages with a round count of 25-30 rounds per stage.
Maximum capacity per magazine is 10 rounds so reloads will be required.
Registration opens at 9an with the safety briefing and match starting at 10
Entry fee is only $15 for members and $20 for non members.

2 Gun


 There are two divisions, Stock and Open  You can use any center fire pistol and center fire rifle or pcc.  Each stage will require 15-20 rounds for each the pistol and rifle. There will be 4 stages so 100 rounds per firearm should be good.
Entry fee is $15 for members and $20 for non members 

Pistol Leagues


We have Center Fire Pistol, Rim Fire Pistol and a Ladies Pistol League. 

 Each league runs for 5 weeks

Zombie Multi Gun Shoot


 The Zombies are returning and are trying once again taken over the range and its your job to stop them.  
To eliminate the Zombie herd, you will need a Center Fire handgun, a pump or semi auto tube fed shotgun and a rifle or PCC. There are 3 divisions, Tac-Ops, Open and PCC.
There will be 4 stages, with each stage requiring you to shoot all 3 firearms.  There will be 10-20 pistol, 10-15 rifle and 8-10 shotgun targets per stage.  Shotgun rounds will all be 71/2 or 8 shot field loads.  Firearms will be staged at each shooting position fully loaded, round chambered and safety on (if so equipped)   Shooters may reload as many times as necessary to engage targets.  All targets are hit or miss, steel targets must fall to count as a hit.  Your time is your score, there is a 10 second penalty for each miss.

 The entry fee is $20 for members and $25 for non members.  Registration opens at 9am  with the zombies attacking at 10am.

Prizes will be awarded for the top shooters in each division
Lunch will be available for anyone wanting to enjoy some Zombie Chili.

Rules & Results

Check here for match results and Rules on shooting events

October 2 Gun Results (xlsx)


2019 Top Gun Rules (docx)


TG Run & Gun Rules (docx)


Zombie Shoot Rules (docx)